Friday, December 12, 2014

Young Thug Ugly

The rapper Young Thug is said to be the newest rapper who is ugly. He seems to talk really low or unclear to people. Of course there are some people who still manage to love the rapper, but many people say that he isn't attractive at all. The way he raps is unclear but he some how adds "juice" to the songs he is featured on. The newest song with T.I called I need War seems to be a great example. I guess others saw talent in him and hopefully we will see better.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

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baby momma drama: Why It Exists

baby momma drama
We all know what baby momma drama is. Many people deal with this currently or at some point in their lives. Many women is the cause but also the father as well. There is a lot to deal with when two people have a baby. Most of the time, babies are born from just a moment and not from actual love. Some women decide to have babies for devious reasons and not truly for the love of the child. Many women have different reasons to their parenting.
There are guys though who are willing to have kids and say they are ready until the baby(ies) get here. It happens all the time. The truth is that most of the time, it is a lie. We all know when two people are having sex that almost anything goes and if it feels good, the two may consent to making a baby. After sex it finally hits the two partners as to what may be coming up.
The truth is that you shouldn't get yourself into anything you haven't thought long and hard about because many people regret making or having babies but as time goes on, start to bond with the child as they grow.
Most baby mama drama can be avoided when you watch who you have sex with and decide whether that person is the correct person to conceive with. As a women, check the guy out and see if he is someone you can truly have kids with. Same for the guys, have a classy woman with goals and morals as the mother of your child. Women and men need to have a good head on their shoulders before making a child. Don't make a child if you still think like a child yourself. This is where a lot of people mess up these days.
A lot of children in high school and even middle school are becoming parents these days and are the true definition of still being kids themselves. These kids are growing up too fast and wandering off to do everything promoted through the media.
You can avoid baby momma drama by being attentive to the person you have made a baby with. Try to compromise with that person. As a man, be there for the woman who had your baby and be ready to help her with baby expense or pregnancy expenses. Even offer things, don't just sit and wait for her to ask you because she will feel that you don't really want to help if she had to ask you first. As a woman, be understanding that your baby's dad have a life so he can't be there every 5 minutes because of your fatty cravings and such.
Women get really insecure when they get pregnant because most feel that have just made a big mistake. In most cases, it's not and most it is. It is a mistake if that person isn't a good parent once the baby comes. It's a mistake if the parent causes harm to the child. It's a mistake if the parent doesn't care for the child. If this applies then serious help is needed.
Baby mamma drama in many ways can be avoided but some people just get caught up in the "moment" that they don't even think about the long term effects. The thing is that the older you are, the more this needs true attention. As an adult, you can't afford to be in this type of situation. You have to be more alert and cautious. Save yourself trips to the clinic. Save yourself some dollars and possible birth issues. Save yourself the weight gain and anal stress. Save yourself the hormonal changes that may cause abnormal skin happenings.
When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn't really have morning sickness or anything like that. I only threw up when I ate from a corner store a hot pocket. I had a perfect round stomach that looked like a basket ball. I gained some weight that could have been gone but I chose to eat snacks almost everyday. I got this skin tag under my arms that was due to hormones changing. It looks like it is a nipple to a breast. No seriously, don't laugh! I have some underarm jiggle and then that skin tag adds onto the awkwardness of it.
Another crazy thing that happened due to pregnancy was a hemorrhoid. We all know that those come from a lot of pressure on the anus. I was pregnant so there was pressure in that area along with my pelvis and uterus. I was eating bad foods while pregnant which can be the problem. I remember feeling her kick me when I was pregnant. It was annoying sometimes though. Towards my end of pregnancy,  I didn't really enjoy the feeling anymore. Then when it was time to push, she was just too cute and small. I remember she was 2 days old and looked at me like she knew how to talk. Her eyes and facial expression made me feel like she was already world experienced or something.
I don't cause baby momma drama with her dad but I got his ass on CS since he want to be a deadbeat. The funny thing is that he is a full blown grown ass man with a couple gray hairs and don't want to be there for his daughter so he gonna pay that money instead. It's cool. I got us. We're going to be good. If he don't want to be here then it's his loss. I'm not going to pressure him to be a dad. I feel like it's too late, she is already 19 months so no need to bring his goofy ass around now. Excuse my language.
Please let me know if you think this post about baby momma drama was worth reading.