Monday, July 29, 2013

How Can You Get Hiv - The Truth

So you're wondering how can you get hiv and you're forced to think it's from having sex but the truth is that it was man made! It was an experiment in the lab and to cover it up, they try to say it's from sex. Many of the infections and sicknesses within the body comes from eating unhealthy and not consuming enough of healthy foods and drinks. Stress also weakens the immune system as well as drugs. That's why you see healthy people that are gym fanatics and vegetarians looking good and young with so much happiness! As long as you eat right and get a little active, you will notice a positive change in your body. Don't believe? Try it and see for youself.

Just like they are forcing us to get vaccines because they CLAIM it will prevent the flu and other sicknesses but 90 percent of the people who get the vaccines get sick AFTER being vaccinated! I am following a like page that exposes the deaths the vaccines caused. It's killing babies and children plus adults everyday! They're making us think we need these bad experiments in our bodies but in reality they are the cause of our bodies dying out.

My daughter did not get any shots and won't! I love my daughter! Allowing her to get a shot is putting her in harms way! I refuse.

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