Sunday, July 28, 2013

Libra - Cancer Compatibility Is A No No

If you're into zodiac signs and want some facts on the compatibility, this is the right place. Today I am going to talk about the Libra and Cancer match. Some people may or may not agree but I am going to keep it straight forward.

From my personal experience, the Libra is good for us Cancers for sex because the Libra is skilled and harmonous. The thing is, as a Cancer we tend to think we love someone if the sex is good so we need to keep our feelings and emotions in check when dealing with the Libra. They are an air sign which is basically close to saying they take things light while we take it heavy. Libras are social butterflies and the Libra men are basically charming WHORES. I'm a Cancer female and I dealt with a Libra male on a strictly platonic type of level. We weren't in a relationship. We just had good sex.

I have a female Libra bestfriend and she wants a man but she has a layout of how she want him to be. Libra women are much like Cancer women. We get along fine but we have positive disagreements. She is currently indecisive on what type of employment she is interested in and it is said that Libras are indecisive which is very true. We always have positive connections via text and phone plus she is deep into the holy life. We are young women in our early 20s so we aren't kids.

Overall there is a lot of work to be done and Cancer should make sure Libra wants love before making an assumption that dating is into play. Most Cancers don't have the patience needed for this compatibility to work but if it is wanted bad, the two will work it out somehow. The love portion will definitely need to flourish.

Libra Cancer

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