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Review: Housewives of Atlanta

housewives of atlanta

Housewives of Atlanta Is Interesting

This Housewives of Atlanta review is based on my impressions from day one. I saw the episode when Kenya first came and was judging with Cynthia and I was shocked at how outspoken she was before I found out she was an Aquarius. Of course the second one who makes the show is NeneLeakes. That woman is a trip. She really do act like her sign, all high fashion and like no one can touch her. I don't know if I personally can deal with someone like that but she seem like a good outing partner.

I felt like Porsha was more in the young girl category when I first saw her. I was like "Why is she on Housewives?" She was much younger than the rest of the women and I thought it was a joke. She reminded me of one of my friends. Of course that's not a good sign. I didn't like her ex because he was too controlling and had shitty opinions. I don't like when people try to take over someone.

As time passed, they tried to make Kenya seem like a crazy woman. It seemed like all she wanted was harmony. Most of those arguments were uncalled for to me but to each its own.

Nene was annoying me when she kept mentioning GLEE in the beginning of the season.. like.. girl please! Lol. I just looked at her like a joke. Literally laughing. She likes to belittle others. That's them Sagittarius people for you.

Housewives Can Be Something Just To Entertain

I just feel like most of these shows on TV is rehearsed but there are some that make me have big eyes and a smile of AWE. It's always something new with these Housewives. They always have some juicy details, acts and conversations. It's definitely interested and entertaining but I don't always thing they're real until I see Phaedra. She makes me believe it's real.

Cynthia doesn't make me think this is fake either. She is just like a breath of fresh air to the show despite the drama.

Nonetheless, they make Atlanta look very fun to travel to. I may have to put that on my go to list. Looks like there are lots of stores to shop at and great weather to enjoy. Maybe it's just their rich little lifestyles that make it look like that. Haha.

The Housewives Characters And My Opinion About Them

My first character I'm going to talk about is Kenya Moore. She is so funny to me and she always tries to keep the moment light by trying to bypass upcoming arguments with the ladies and their husbands or just talks that get out of wack. That's my type of person, someone who wants the moment to be calm and cool. I love the way she dresses and how her skin glows. For her to be getting old, she sure is keeping her figure right. Kudos Kenya!

Now Ms. Phaedra. She's cool but she is always a little tense and slick. She be talking lots of slick trash in those little interviews but she isn't acting that way at the moment. I don't like that. She isn't sure if she want to dislike Kenya or not. She is empathic though. That's what I like about her, her empathy.

Cynthia. I like her. She is real cool and mature acting. She just be chilled out, not trying to do too much. Even though she is hesitant to speak up when Peter gets out of line, her intentions are not negative. She's a sweet woman and can dress her ass off. She is pretty with her wigs as well. That's what we have in common, wigs. I love wigs! She can pull any look off and still look marvelous.

Porsha. You guys already know what I have to say about her. She is pretty of course and she has a nice shape but I just feel like she still don't belong. Maybe it's because she is younger than them. I mean, this group of women is fine but Porsha just strikes me as a young girl still living and loves to shop. She just seems like an early 20 year old. She is mature but that's just the impression she leave on me.

I love Ms. Lawrence(the homosexual guy) with his little lovely lipsticks and gorgeous outfits. He seems like a cool person to be around and he seems to always be a lending shoulder through hard times. He doesn't strike me as a negative person at all which is good. Cool points to him for being so compassionate. I think he should let his hair grow though.

Greg. When I saw him in the beginning of the season and how he wanted Nene back, I just felt like he wanted her because she was doing big things. He just seemed so fake unless that's his personality. He just convinces me that Nene is actually old since he looks so much older for his age than Nene does. His voice reminds me of a man trying to spit game.

Peter. I liked him but as time passed, he started acting kind of funny in certain situations. He puts himself in people's business that he don't belong. He always gets out of line like he don't know his place. Nice piece of chocolate though.

Nene Leakes. She is a Sagittarius and has an attitude like one. She is cool but when she gets an attitude, she really make me dislike her. She is ok looking but not a beauty queen type so I feel like she needs to keep it piped down but she is always trying to act like she got all these things. Even if she do, she don't have to throw it in people's face spitefully. She isn't humble about her wealth and tries to belitte people with her comments.

Apollo. He is just a tag along type to me just like Greg. He is lightskin but he ain't all that like people try to make it seem. He has a nice body but he isn't the type of guy I would go for. He doesn't have swagger. He thought he was Hulk when he went off at the little slumber party Nene put together. He looked like he was digging dirt honestly. I didn't think he even blacked no one's eye but he did.

As a conclusion, I would like to make it clear that I enjoy the show and watch it every Sunday. It always gets my hype to see what the next episode will be like. I just love the look and set up of the show overall. The trips, shopping, talks, love, and life's events these people have are just like regular people, they just have more money and I hope people don't feel worthless watching a rich person's life on TV. Some of the conflicts are very stupid though I must say. A lot of these clashes can be prevented with sense but they like to take it there. They're just too old to be doing a lot of the things they do.

Housewives of Atlanta

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