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Remains of Holly Bobo found after 3 years - WTSP 10 News

(USA TODAY) -- Tennessee authorities confirmed late Monday that the remains of a nursing student missing since April 2011 have been found in the woods in Decatur County.
"Forensic evidence shows remains found in Decatur County this weekend belong to Holly Bobo," the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation tweeted Monday night. Bureau representatives did not immediately respond to a telephone message left late Monday.

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During a news conference in Tennessee, TBI Director Mark Gwyn said the investigation into Bobo's disappearance and now death are not over "by any means."
Two men out in the woods Sunday morning looking for ginseng discovered a human skull and contacted the Decatur County Sheriff's Department, which led to tests being done on the remains, according to the Jackson Sun and WHNT news. Bobo, then 20, was last seen at her family's home in Darden, Tenn., on April 13, 2011. Two men, Zachary Adams and Jason Autry, were indicted earlier this year for kidnapping and murder in the case, according to the Jackson Sun.
Tennessee authorities confirmed late Monday that the remains of Holly Bobo, a nursing student missing since April 2011, have been found in the woods in Decatur County, Tennessee. Two men have been charged with her murder.
Officials notified Bobo's family of the identification before the Monday night news conference, TBI public information officer Josh DeVine said via Twitter.

"The (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) extends its condolences to the friends and family of Holly Bobo on this evening's announcement," DeVine said.

On a Facebook community page for Holly Bobo, an administrator posted shortly after 11 p.m. ET, "R.I.P. Holly You Will Have Justice."

Monday night's announcement culminates 3½ years of searching and thousands of law enforcement work hours, the Sun reports. The Bobo family will make an announcement to the media on Tuesday, according to the Sun.

In July, a woman named Sandra King testified in a preliminary hearing in the case that she saw a cellphone video that appeared to show Bobo tied up and crying, according to WSMV. Suspect Zachary Adams also was in the video, WSMV reported King said.
Timeline of abduction, investigation
Holly Bobo, 20, of Darden, Tenn., was kidnapped April 13, 2011, after she dressed for nursing school, ate breakfast and studied for a test.
• 7:40 a.m.: A close neighbor of the Bobos walks out of his home to go to his construction job, hears a scream from the Bobos' house, tells his mother about it and goes on to work.
• 7:45 a.m.: The neighbor's mother calls Karen Bobo at work and tells a school secretary to relay a message about the scream. This is also the time Holly Bobo usually would leave for school to arrive at 7:55 a.m.
• 7:50 a.m.: A barking dog wakes Clint Bobo up. He notices his sister's car still in the driveway and calls his mother's cellphone at school. His mother does not have the phone with her but receives the message from the school secretary, phones home and talks to her son, who tells her that Holly Bobo's car is still there.
• 7:55 a.m.: Karen Bobo calls 911 from school; she reaches the wrong county's emergency dispatcher. Clint Bobo looks out the window and sees a man dressed in camouflage walking with his sister toward the woods. Clint Bobo calls his sister's phone and gets voicemail; he also calls her boyfriend's phone and gets voicemail.
• A little before 8 a.m.: Karen Bobo calls her house again. Her son tells her that he saw his sister and her boyfriend walking toward the woods. Karen Bobo tells him that the man is not Holly Bobo's boyfriend and to call 911.
• 8 a.m.: Clint Bobo gets a loaded pistol at his mother's request and walks out the back door through an open garage attached to the house. He sees a puddle of blood near his sister's car. His neighbor's mother pulls up the driveway to say screams were heard 15 or 20 minutes ago. Clint Bobo then calls 911.
• A little before 8:10 a.m.: The first deputy from Decatur County arrives at the house. Authorities come to believe that Holly Bobo was abducted as she tried to get in her car to drive to nursing school. She is not seen again.
• April 15, 2011: The search efforts are centered in an area where authorities found a lunchbox on Bible Hill Road believed to belong to Bobo.
• April 16, 2011: Volunteers look through wooded areas near Bible Hill, Yellow Springs and Gooche Roads and near Horney Head Creek, hoping to find school supplies or items that may have come from Bobo's purse. Nothing was found.
• April 20, 2011: Prayer vigils are held. It's been one week since Bobo went missing.
• April 18, 2013: TBI agents thought they found Bobo's pink purse, which she was carrying two years earlier, on Myracle Town Road.
• April 19, 2013: Karen Bobo sees the purse in person and confirms that it's not Bobo's.
• Feb. 28, 2014: The TBI executes a search warrant at the home of Zachary Adams in Holladay, about 15 minutes from the Bobos' home. The TBI says it's too early to name suspects.
• March 5, 2014: The TBI holds a news conference about the Bobo case and announces that Adams has been indicted on charges of especially aggravated kidnapping and felony first-degree murder of Bobo.
• April 29, 2014: The TBI holds a news conference and announces that Jason Autry also has been indicted on charges of especially aggravated kidnapping and felony first-degree murder of Bobo.
• May 29, 2014: Brothers Jeffrey and Mark Pearcy are charged with tampering with evidence and accessory after the fact. TBI investigators believe they have knowledge of a video containing images of Bobo alive, tied up and crying.
• Aug. 7, 2014: Matt Stowe is elected as the new district attorney general of the 24th Judicial District, which covers Decatur County. Keith Byrd is elected as Decatur County's new sheriff. Both took office on Sept. 1.
• Sept. 7, 2014: Two men looking for ginseng find human remains about 400 yards into the woods north of County Corner Road in northern Decatur County.
• Sept. 8, 2014: Investigators confirm partial remains found Sunday are Holly Bobo's.
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