Monday, July 29, 2013

Cancer And Libra - Pros And Cons

Libra and Cancer - Pros and Cons

When these two meet up, it will be lots of attraction! Libra is a handsome/beautiful charmer and that goes a long way with a Cancer!


The pros of this match is that they both want harmony and peace. Libra is always calm, cool and collective. Their laid back nature is a plus for the Cancer. Cancers hate a loud or rowdy vibe and Libra is calm and soothing. Cancer is comfortable with the Libra. Outings and hangout time is chilled and cool with these too. Libra's cool style is what makes a Cancer get extra comfortable too fast.


The cons of these two is that Cancer may get attached and clingy from getting comfortable with the Libra. Libra will then move further away. They aren't really looking for love, not on the front end anyway. They are social butterflies and need a lot of freedom which only makes the Cancer jealous. They are flirts and charm whores. The Libra men will cheat. Cancer will whine and nag. It is messy as a relationship. Insecurity and differences.

Only way it can work is if Cancer is okay with a platonic like relationship with the Libra.

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