Monday, July 29, 2013

Mood Swings Of A Cancer

Mood Swings Of A Cancer Are Self Inflicted

Depression and stress only lasts for 12 minutes. If it is longer then it is the Cancer. Cancers get moody for a number of reasons. Our mood swings are strong and intense. We are emotional people who need space here and there. I am going to give the run down on the advice to keep this in check.

Mood Swings Of A Cancer - Stop Overthinking

Any little thing can cause a Cancer to overthink and create problems that weren't even there. Our minds are active but more of assumptions than actual facts. We have to learn to relax our mind and not think so much of "what if". People are innocent until proven guilty. We look at everyone suspect until proven innocent. This is good in a way though so we can avoid getting used and played with even though that still tend to happen. We need to realize everyone isn't like us. We think deep and some people don't think at all.

Mood Swings Of A Cancer - Stop Whining

Though you may be upset and pissed at someone for something, don't whine or allow your emotions to take over. Save the stress for someone else. Stress causes pimples, I'm sure you don't want that. Just think positive. There is a reason for everything. Just realize when things aren't going right, remember it's temporary. That has helped me get through a lot. I now deal with life much better now.

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