Monday, July 29, 2013

Cancer Falls In Love With Pisces

Janelle was a Cancer girl and Mark was a Pisces. Janelle had no idea that Mark was interested in her. She amazed him everytime he saw her because she was so beautiful and it was something special that drawn him to her forcefully. He was planning to make his move soon. It had been 3 weeks that Mark was holding his desire to go for Janelle. He watched her and noticed she wasn't a girl to throw herself on any guy and that was a plus. After hanging out, Janelle was on her way home.

Mark called Janelle's name, she looked and noticed she saw him around but they haven't talked, so how did he know her name? When he got close enough, she asked "How do you know my name?". Mark told her that he had heard her friend call her name. Janelle asked Mark what made him call to her and Mark said it was late and she needed a protector. They walked and Mark felt a lump in his chest from being shy to ask her out so he just gave her his number and told her call anytime.

Janelle wasn't sure what move she should make. It was something cute about Mark that she liked. She was interested already after one little moment with him. She wanted to text him but she didn't want to seem too psyched. She figured, fuck it. After all, he gave her his number for a reason. She texted him that she hope he got home safe within 20 minutes of her being home. They ended up texting for a full hour. Mark revealed he liked her for a minute and Janelle was blushing of excitement.

They went out and noticed they were similar. Janelle always met up with Mark, vice versa so things were always smooth.

Janelle found out he was sexing some other girl around the corner from the neighborhood. She was hurt! She thought she had a good one. Turned out to be a has been. They discussed the situation and Mark admitted he wanted to hit it off with the girl one last time before he fully committed himself to Janelle. Janelle needed space to grasp the news and emotions she was feeling. She had so many thoughts in her mind.

To Be Continued...

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