Monday, July 29, 2013

Downside Of Being A Cancer

Downside Of Being A Cancer Is Emotions

As a Cancer, our emotions is either our best friend or our worst enemy. This is a major downside of being a cancer because it sometimes cause us to have negative thoughts when we should think positive to feel good. Everytime we overthink, we get emotional. Everytime we don't get our way, we get emotional.  When we are bored, we get emotional. We need to keep busy and always engage into something active to avoid getting emotional. You will see how happy you become doing this.

Downside Of Being A Cancer Is Wanting Love

Another major downside of being a cancer is that we seem to want love too much. Not every moment is meant for us to be in love, yet that's what we yearn for. Some Cancers are fine in what they're doing besides love but majority wants love. When a Cancer feels alone, they get moody. Cancers should know that love will come soon enough. Don't force it.

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Downside Of Being A Cancer Is Isolation

Some Cancers tend to isolate themselves from the world. Many seem closed off and anti. Lots of Cancers have their guards too far up making it seem like they're pretty self centered. Your vibe rub people the wrong way sometimes when you come off like that. Try to loosen up and give off a more friendly, cool vibe. Isolating yourself and putting a wall up isn't healthy. Engage in the social life. You'll feel more alive.

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