Friday, February 21, 2014

Cancer and Aries fight

cancer fight

When a Cancer and Aries fight, it can get ugly. Aries is very aggressive and they say things without thinking. They are very blunt with their mouth and will get physical quick. Cancers need to know that their Aries is all about action and being out and about making things happen. Cancer, you can't get in the way of the things Aries do. Don't be too clingy with this one. They are very flirtatious but it doesn't mean anything most of the time.

Most likely if these two fight, it will be because Cancer was too clingy or not trying to understand the Aries traits. Also it could be because Aries is too arrogant and will get put in place by the Cancer that is fed up. If these fight, Aries probably pretty much wipe their hands clean and maybe the Cancer will as well. It depends on how deep the love is.

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