Saturday, February 22, 2014

Food Addiction: NY

food addiction
Having a food addiction can lead to obesity, overeating, diabetes and even cancer in some cases. 

Food Addictions Began At Childhood

 Besides genetics, if you were brought up eating whatever you wanted then it could affect you in your later stages if you aren't grounded. Having a food addiction is a bad thing because in this case, most food eaten is unhealthy for he human body. When it comes to people suffering this, they don't think or care about the consequences later on down the line.

Many people who are overweight had parents that didn't stop them from eating bad foods in the past which made them think it was okay to continue. The addiction get so bad that people really start to not care about how big they are getting or they just get so lay that they just want to eat. Snacks and fastfood is very popular because it is cheap and highly promoted in the media and local settings. It's important that if you want to become healthy, you should ignore this.

Nothing good comes from being overweight but low self esteem and in some cases you can be teased. Don't allow children to eat a whole lot. Be the elder you are and let them know that junk food is not to be eaten on the regular basis. You don't want them growing up to have a food addiction.

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