Sunday, February 23, 2014

Condoms That Feel Good Aren't Good

condoms that feel good
Condoms that feel good doesn't mean they are healthy for your sex tools.
Condoms that feel good are pretty much promoted highly and no one ever questions it. All condoms are made with ingredients, ingredients that will cause the penis and vagina to have problems. Next time you go shopping for condoms, simply read the labels and Google what each ingredient is and what it can do to humans. I read something that said there are ingredients that can cause the female to get a yeast infection all because of what the condom is made of. The penis can also be affected also.

More on the side effects for the female. Your cervix can catch cancer because of the ingredients as well so I highly suggest you guys to find you someone you love so you guys can get tested together and you can have raw sex instead of using condoms because they are not safe either. Ladies have you ever used a condom but had a yeast infection afterwards knowing you were protected? Well... this is why.

I told my friend about this and she is cardinal so she said she would rather catch something from a condom than a bare, nasty penis. True.. I'm not against her reaction at all. It can go both ways. I just don't think it will be worth having your vaginal walls thrusted with artificial lubricants and such! It's crazy that you think you're protecting yourself from infections when you're still prone to get them even with the condoms. I suggest you guys do more research on this to learn more!

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