Sunday, February 23, 2014

How Do You Get A Girl To Like You

how do you get a girl to like you
Being a sweetheart is always the key in how do you get a girl to like you. It should already be in your blood.
Knowing how do you get a girl to like you can be easy because many of us females don't like guys with female ways. Some girls like guys who pretty much stay to themselves and do their own thing instead of following the crowd all the time. To sum it up, be a leader at all times. Don't follow behind what other people are doing. Don't try to act like someone you're not.

I'm not saying to be a quiet boy and don't have friends but do things that stand out without making a scene. Depending on where you see this girl at, you can make it your business to always greet her without being too annoying and stalkish. Get a feel of her by checking her out on the sneak tip so you can see how she act and figure out how you can approach her. It's always good to approach a girl when she is by herself since she can make her own decisions and also she will feel better about being accompanied by another person.

If you see her drop something, make it your business to pick that belonging up for her so she can notice you and speak up about how you been checking her and just spill the beans. Don't be shy. Girls like when guys can speak up. Is that you? Be a man about it! Ha. I like a guy who can take charge. Come after me! I don't go after guys. Many of us girls don't. Well women in my case.

Everyone is different and will do and like different things. Friendship should be the first step so you can get to know someone and then when love follows, you won't have to guess. If you liked my post about how do you get a girl to like you then feel free to follow me so we can keep in touch.

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