Friday, February 14, 2014

Smart Water Review: Should You Drink It?

smart water review

Smart Water View: My Honest Opinion

Now, to begin my smart water review, I just want to say "YES". Yes to smart water and yes to it being the best water ever. This is the water I choose to buy when I go to the 7eleven to buy snacks. I love the taste because it taste pure and not overly enhanced with minerals and other junk. It taste so good compared to any other water and I'm so happy that they come in big bottles as well. I always pay that $2+ because it's well worth it. I wasn't too crazy about it when it first got my attention years ago but now it has all of my loyalty. I get this when I buy chocolate and chips.

Smart Water Review: Should You Buy It?

I just proved to you that I love this water so I recommend it to any and everyone. It is better than any other water I've tasted. Let's take Aquafina for instance, it has a little sweetness to it and Dasani. I don't like that at all because I don't feel like it is cleansing like water is suppose to. It irks me that they are putting sugar in everything. I am trying to gradually transition to a healthy lifestyle or a healthier one. What you can do is go out and grab you a bottle or two and enjoy.

Smart Water Review

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