Friday, February 14, 2014

Pepsi Soda: Stay Away From It!

pepsi soda
Pepsi soda is addictive and I say this because I am currently suffering from addiction but trying to overcome. It isn't easy when you grew up on junk food though. Thank goodness I'm not extremely huge. I'm a good size; people say I'm thick. I guess when you watch yourself gain weight, you feel different than others which is understandable. There is an ingredient in Pepsi used for yoga mats and shoe rubber and to know that I have drank lots of that doesn't feel good. It may taste food but it isn't good, no sodas are good for us. They really don't care that they are serving dangerous ingredients, they want us to continue using them until we kick the bucket.

Try to stop drinking and contemplating on picking up a soft drink because your body doesn't want it. Notice how you have to use the bathroom immediately after drinking them. You have to listen and pay attention to your body and give it better things or at least cut the acid out and see how you notice wonderful differences. They want us to get addicted to this bad stuff so they put all types of things in it to endanger us indirectly.  Just take heed and make better decisions about what you put in your body.

Pepsi soda

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