Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Heavy Periods With Clots Means You're Unhealthy

heavy periods with clots

Heavy Periods With Clots Overall Health

Heavy periods with clots are the worse and can be in the way of a lot of daily living activities. We all know that as a women, we come on our periods each month during ovulation. Bleeding isn't actually necessary but will happen a little or a lot. What determines the way you bleed is your body. Your overall health, weight and diet has something to do with it. I am going to go into detail about this below so continue reading. Hope you enjoy this information I am going to share.

Heavy Periods With Clots For Bigger Women

It's really simple when it comes to the menstrual cycle in women. Women who are thinner are either on a good diet, have fast metabolism or are active and are least likely to have a heavy period. The thinner the women is, the less she bleeds. If you are a women who eats anything and most of what you eat is unhealthy with no nutritional value, you're likely to have a noticeably heavy period. When you eat natural foods from the earth, you will have little to no problems during the cycle. You will bleed very lightly or you may not even bleed at all. Many women think that fatigue, bloating, and cramps are normal but that actually is your body telling you something. All that bad stuff you ate is what is coming through that blood. Being on a raw diet or eliminating sodas and junk food will help you out tremendously because you won't have such a bad time of the month. If you start today, you will see for yourself how beneficial a good eating lifestyle can do you. You won't even need to use a tampon for the way it will improve. You may not even notice your period. Now wouldn't that be nice? We all know heavy period with clots aren't the least bit of fun, especially if you got a man and you guys like to play. A heavy period will kill that.

Heavy Periods Can Be Concluded

Just as I stated above, heavy periods can be reduced. It can even stop at some point when your body has little to no toxins to release. Being heavy set has benefits and downfalls and this is a huge downfall. Nothing is wrong with thick women but a healthy person wouldn't be big, she would be thin, slim or at least smaller than fat. I, myself am not thin or slim but I'm not fat. My waist is the main thing telling me that I need to change the way I eat. I'm trying to recover from junk food addiction and I'm currently bleeding which made me write this article to you guys. I'm bleeding heavy and I am thinking about doing a liquid diet and will attempt to make it a lifestyle. Either that or calorie count and up my water intake. So far I had a bowl of Fruity Pebbles which is only 110 calories and 10 calories is from fat. Just take heed to the information I shared and share this for someone you know who bleeds heavy and eats unhealthy.

 Heavy Periods With Clots

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