Saturday, March 15, 2014

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Shaneka Adams Sex Video

I remember I ran into Shaneka Adams sex video on Worldstar of her talking dirty and pleasing herself. It was a video for her man but somehow it got leaked. I don't think this was an accident. I believe her or one of her friends may have put it out there for her to gain popularity. She isn't a crazy huge star but she has some fanbase. People love looking at her pictures on Instagram. She gets more fame there than on TV. She isn't really doing anything wildly known. I guess she is just doing gigs and appearances and maybe she is sexing for money too. I wouldn't put it pass her honestly. She is a mild sex figure to society so I'm sure she does dirty deeds for a few feeds. Do you agree? If not, I still believe so.

Shaneka Adams May Be Acting More

I say this because I saw her on an episode of "Single Ladies". You could have easily missed her but I saw her. She was an extra more like. She wasn't any type of main character. When Raquel was on an elevator, a huge group of people partying got on and Shaneka Adams was in that group. She had said something but the camera didn't show her direct enough for you to have known. I played it back to see if who I thought it was was accurate and I was right. It was her. Maybe she doesn't want to do anything huge or the offers were against her desires. She's still making money from her little businesses she has going on so she may not be too crazy about being a huge actress. I feel like whether or not she gets into the industry fully that Shaneka Adams will be good no matter what. She is attractive and I'm sure lots of men would love to pay her for pictures being taken.

Overall Shaneka Adams Conclusion

Do I like her? Yes, she's cool. I thought she was a porn star when I ran into that video and I honestly looked at her like an overall freaky girl but she seems lady like. I guess I drew a conclusion too soon. She is cute but not pretty. She can definitely pull men if she wants but her looks are regular. There is nothing gorgeous about her. She is cute with a banging body. Point blank. Make up may make her look more cute than she is but she is attractive none the less. I wish her well on whatever she decides she want to do with herself and I hope she doesn't do anything crazy for riches. Shaneka Adams

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