Saturday, March 8, 2014

How to sit on a dick

ride a dick

Ride the Dick With Your Back Arched

Before you attempt to ride a dick, you need to make sure you're positioned to where as though it feels good when you put it in. It's best to have your back facing him to do this and for it to feel  good. When you got his dick in your hand and your pussy is spread as much as possible so it won't swipe the lips and scrape sensitive parts, arch your back and start easing it in. You should be wet so you should be sliding further down and he may want to thrust a little bit to help it get in. With your back arched, sit down on it and it should feel good, you might even start cumming. I did this and it felt so good.

I had sex outside when I performed this a long time ago but forgot to do it again. It's best you experiment with your lover to reveal hidden spots that can make you reach an orgasm. Hope you can ride a dick now.

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