Friday, March 7, 2014

real beauty - It's within you

real beauty

Real Beauty Comes From Within The Person

People think that beauty only means makeup and looks but beauty is far more than that. People have to realize that everything isn't about what stimulates the visual. Me as the open-minded person I am always read between the lines of anything and I know that a person can be what they want to be. It is all pure and from the heart. It's about how you look at yourself. Are you beautiful inside out? Real beauty starts from the inside, the mental.

I see lots of people posting pictures on social networks like Facebook and Instagram with hella makeup on and they give themselves credit of purity when it is actually nothing more than artificial. I am not trying to down anybody but people seem like they don't know the difference. I just wish people were more open to the sensible side of things. Natural beauty is pure and is not accompanied by foundation and blush with nasty attitudes and outlooks.

It's not about physical features. It's not about what other people think of you whether it is positive or negative. It's about YOU and how you feel about yourself. Being your true self without the manipulation of society is real beauty and I will stand by this.

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