Friday, September 19, 2014

Drinking Beer: Is It Really That Bad?

I was drinking beer the other day and felt something in my mouth afterwards. I was so anxious and afraid to see what it was. I remember having a mini heart attack. No, this was not funny guys. I am serious okay. I happen to look down and saw something the color silver in my beer. I don't know what it was, sorry. I was just glad it wasn't something that was once moving around, you know? So I was out with my friend this day and we was just joking around and hanging out something serious. There was a lot of people around too, laughing and with their friends and family. We only went where it was popping at. I had on my one-piece suit and was looking rather fine with my butt looking a little plump. It had felt so good to finally get out the house. I was finally out partying with my friend again and it was just bumping. Next thing I know, I see my ex and he was already looking at me so I guess he was watching me the minute he spotted me. I had wondered how long that was. But anyway I didn't let him see me lose face. I acted as if I didn't really see him so maybe he was fooled by that. At least I wanted him to be. I really was starting to feel tipsy so I stopped drinking and enjoyed the feeling I had which was euphoric and slightly seductive. It wasn't as seductive as it would have been if I would have smoked some weed though.

I was feeling myself dancing to this song that I never heard until that night. Me and my friend was dancing and having a good time then I felt some hands on my sides. I turned to see my ex with glossy eyes. He was tipsy too and I guess I was the only one he wanted to be in front of at the club. I couldn't deny that it felt good even though we had left off on a bad note. I held his hands on my hips and started grinding on him. He started holding me tight like he was about to buss. I was so turned on by this. I had to let him go but we wouldn't let me go. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to get it on with me in his friend car. I couldn't turn it down because he told me he wanted to taste me. I was so turned out, I told him to come on. By the way, he was my ex and not some random guy so it was all good because he was the last person I had sexual acts with anyway so why not get my freak on since I was years backed up. I needed this.

We got to the car and wow his friend was the flashy type. His car was royal blue and shined the fuck up. I was loving it and it was a lil limo looking feel to it so Im sure we was about to be in that particular part while we got our rocks off. I was definitely feeling nice. He opened the door and we got in. He started kissing me and I was shocked because I don't remember us ever tongue kissing. The way he was kissing me had some word within it, it had to be. He was tonguing me down and it was turning me on so I was moaning and grinding against him. He started drinking beer a little bit before he went down on me. I was tingling as he kissed my inner thighs before sliding in. I was in awe the way he licked and sucked. Next thing I knew, he was positioning himself to go in me without a condom, I couldn't let that happen because I didn't want kids. He assured me he wasn't that stupid because he wasn't ready for kids. He started sliding in and it felt good and painful at the same time. Not too painful but I was tight since I didn't have sex in a long time. I found myself thinking about seeing some guys drinking beer and looking at me and my friend a lot. I quickly dismissed that thought when he sucked my clicked. I was so wet. Good thing his friend interior was smooth and not the couch material. I was soaking every part of his face and he liked it because he went harder. I was riding his face and then he got back up and put it in me slow. He long stroked me and I moaned and we kissed ever so passionately. I love every single minute of it.

An hour later. We went back into the club together and he hugged and told me he is going to try his best to catch up with me so we can leave out together. I was loving the thought of me and my friend chilling with him and his friend. I walked to the table I was at and my friend was still there looking so tipsy and happy. I am glad she can hold whatever liquor she drink. She so much better than me. I had to put the drink down as soon as I felt a buzz to avoid any potential mishaps. I started realizing that there were minor benefits of drinking beer so I chose that instead of liquor. Beer gives you a good feeling anyway so no need for harder liquor. My friend came to me and asked how was it and I told her it was lovely. I was cheesing when I said that part. I had fun in that little car. I loved the memory already and it was still fresh. Haha.

I don't believe there is disadvantages of drinking beer once in a blue moon, but everyday can cause problems. Beer gut is one and internal problems are the other ways. My grandmother, aunt, and their boyfriends drink beer everyday. Don't let it be a weekend, they be buying pack after pack and tearing them up. I do the same thing with sodas though.

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