Thursday, September 18, 2014

Is Someone Getting The Best Of You: The Ultimate Icebreaker

You want to know is someone getting the best of you and you are not sure because you have mixed signals and feelings for the person responsible for making you search this in the first place. It's okay because we all been there and done that and some people are going through it as yo read this.

There is no need to feel bad. Maybe you can feel bad about the person that may be playing with your feelings, but don't feel bad yourself. Let me tell you about a time that took place with this same thing lingering.

I was with a guy. He was nice and had it all. He was tall, brown, and handsome. I thought I was in love after like 5 months when we was together. He always took me out and always said he enjoyed the time he had with me. It made me happy and all gushy inside. I was happy to know that things were going smooth and he was liking me.

One particular day, he came out and told me that he loved me and I was shocked. I didn't know what to do at all. I was so lost. I was wondering was this a joke and what I could say back. I hesistated to say I love you back. I said it though. We continued going to the movies a lot like we always did. He loved watching movies.

One of my friends said she had grown up with him and that they was friends. Back then, I though she meant just regular friends until I found out the hard way.

We had scheduled to go to the mall, me and my friend which is a girl who said she knew my boyfriend. I was calling her trying to figure out why she didn't answer the phone. I kept getting the voicemail and call rejections. At least I believe she was rejecting my call. I was upset because it was this nice outfit I wanted to get that I saw in Rainbow.

I ended up walking to her house. Her whole house was one level so I could see in her window when I wanted to.

As I got closer to her window, I could see two people in her room clearing kissing and stuff.

I decided to proceed to see her get some action but chile, you want to know Is Someone Getting The Best Of You do you? Man oh man. She was kissing and rubbing all on my boyfriend! He was so into it too, looking her in her eyes with love and sucking on her jugs, caressing her butt. I had seen enough. I walked over to the doorbell and rang it.

Suprisingly she answered looking as if she was just fine and dandy. Guess what I did?

Punched her in her damn face! I hit her so hard right in her nose and she fell backwards onto her floor.

Seeing blood ooze made me kind of sensitive but I had to remember that my boyfriend was in her room.

I stepped pass her and went into her room and there he was laying down with a hard rock just as comfortable as ever.

When he seen me, I seen him turn red and started to form this stupid look on his face. No explanation was needed.

I slapped his rock with my hand and slapped him in the face. Believe it or not, slaps hurt!

He literally started crying when I slapped him. I'm not sure it was because he got caught or the slap but I didn't care.

I was in my own little war. I was about to walk out the door when suddenly my old friend gets up after recooperating and tries to fight me.

I yelled at her to back off if she knew what was good for her. That nose hit wasn't enough.

She started cursing outrageously and trying to tear me up.

I socked her twice. Two piece and left.

I couldn't deal.

You have to pay attention and look for signs when you are in a relationship. It isn't always clear but wow people are terrible. Thank you for looking at this post on Is Someone Getting The Best Of You.

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