Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mturk Grind: Amazon Money

Recently I came across something online to make money called Mturk. I can't remember where though. I joined Mturk August 19th.

I started off extracting receipts and getting bonuses the longer the receipt is.

I really like Mturk. It's a unique way to get some extra money and if you take it serious, you can make a lot.

Some people may downplay Mturk when they first see it, thinking it is only a way to make small money but the thing is that tasks/assignments, known as Human Intelligent Tasks(HITS) are added everyday. They can be anything.

Some of the tasks I have done since then way type in items on a receipt including the coupons, make calls to evaluate quality of service, search on google, and also transcribe audios.

There are so many different things you can do that will pay anywhere from 1 cent all the way to $5.00 from what I have seen.

The more Hits you do and get approved, the more tasks will become available. I noticed more higher paying tasks started coming the more I submitted.

Another thing that I like is that I can get paid to my bank account multiple times a week. You are paid to an Amazon payments account. Your own of course.

Today I just submitted over 100 HITS! This was my first time doing that with the help of the calling project.

The calling project requires nothing but you calling a number given.

Soon I will show my earnings history.

These tasks are very fun and rewarding.

Looking for some extra money? You should get in on it.

Check it out for yourself

Mturk is the way to go!

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