Thursday, February 20, 2014

Meaningless Sex: Stop Now While You Can!

meaningless sex
Meaningless sex is the worst. It's all cool and dandy when you're naive and immature but as you get older, you start to know what you want and those days or nights you engage in sexual activity means nothing if you don't love that person, vice versa. Let's be real, many people who are having sex have had some sex with people that weren't really emotionally involved with them.

Sex is a gateway to many things such as pregnancy, infections and weird relationships. Some people are so opened to generic sex that they will be in an open relationship with many people which is gross to me. If you're going to have sex then do it with one person only. Not everyone are cautious about sex acts as a teen. It's probably half and half.

I have had meaningless sex before. It was good for the moment of course. I was young and being dumb just like the typical young teen in their high school days. No one is perfect, we all know that. Sex is the main thing in life we make mistakes in. It is probably the ultimate number one thing.

I'm just happy I didn't get pregnant when I was in these immature stages. That would have really been terrible. I thank god that he let me know two things. One: It was too early for me to have kids. Two: I could have kids and now I know what it is like because I have my own daughter. I am now 21 and still mature. I was always mature but I still had some kid in me back then. My view on life is much better and I have learned so much.

Suffering from meaningless sex and don't know how to get out? We've all been there. Just stop now if you can and be smart about your future actions in this activity. Please feel free to ask me anything far as tips, advice or anything else.

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