Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pisces Are Great For Cancers!

Being that my best ex was a Pisces, I know for a fact we are highly compatible because of the astrology world. We pretty much think alike and act alike. A Pisces will pretty much want what they ask for and not expect a NO just like us Cancers. The fact that we are similar should be an easy cheatsheet to keep the relationship positive.

Pisces may cheat, that's the only downfall! I remember my Pisces ex was switching sidekicks with my Sagittarius cousin and she had naked pictures of herself in hers and he sent it to him. I was immature around this time so I called up a gut friend and my Pisces watched me sleep holding another male. He was a Taurus.

We was cool but it wasn't meant for us to do anything major. We was never a couple, we just talked for a quick minute. We met at a recreational center many years before we started talking.
My Pisces still came to see me after that though which is perfect because we had been at it since I was about 12 years old. We use to be so innocent back in the day. We both want the same thing. A soulmate. Get you a Pisces!

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