Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why I Think I Don't Like Aquarius People

Okay Im a Cancer and I have an Aquarius cousin for one and she has a sister who is a Sagittarius. We all grew up close but now we are older and we rarely speak. I read that both the Sag and Aquarius won't know how you feel but I'm not about to cry to them about how I feel. They should know what should be done.

My Aquarius female cousin asked me to come to Indiana with her and I know it's because her sister(the sag) didn't want to come. In my mind, I knew I wasn't going to go but I didn't tell her that. I know she was just going to ask me to babysit her two sons and I know I was her last option! She didn't ask me with her heart, she was just asking me to fill in for the people who don't want to come with her.

My Aquarius and Sagittarius cousin treat friends more like family. I can't stand it. They treat family like butt in my opinion. Like the other day, I went to the Sag sister's daughter birthday celebration at chuckee cheese and she was rarely paying her family any attention, she was paying more attention to her friends. On my daughter birthday, neither the Sagittarius or Aquarius wished my daughter a Happy Birthday. My daughter is a baby but still! They are just assholes, I'm sorry. None of my friends have been a Sag and my one Aquarius friend I had, we was about to fight. I'm not compatible with these two signs.

I once had two Aquarius boyfriends and they talk too much! My first Aquarius boyfriend was geeked to tell others he had sex with me. Like, why are you telling people that? What are you running your mouth for. Same with my cousins, they told my business to other people. It's crazy. I'm thinking about not even speaking to them again.

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