Thursday, March 6, 2014

new lover - he's better than you were

new lover

My New Lover Is The Best

I found him. My new lover. So handsome and possess good qualities. He's nice looking plus he has a personality that no one can compare to. His manners are flawless, his attire is always fixed up nice and he always smells good. The way he graces my body when we're together gets me all tingly inside. I can't help it. I melt in his presence. I give myself to him fully when we engage in sex. The love is real and the heart to heart is what I can feel. If we were to separate, I wouldn't be able to deal. My new lover is much better than my old one and he will always be. There is no other woman for him more than me.

No other can replace him. I'm so happy when I face him. I look him in the eyes and get so glad that I can date him. Ohh man. He's the one for me. I feel like we can take this to eternity. The one I waited for for so long and now he's here. I give me all to him and listen to everything I hear. Yeaa I love him.

His looks can be so tempting when I'm just trying to chill. His act can be real pimping because how he make "it" feel. Umm. I get so lost in his hands and we go out, people double check to see if that's my man. Yea! No undercover, he's straight. He took me in, I'm his bait.

Just know that, he's mine and he is my new lover.

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