Thursday, March 6, 2014

top 10 female fantasies

top 10 female fantasies
These top 10 female fantasies will give you insight on the women mind and how you can keep her with slightest effort but with huge knowledge. Note that every time you hear the word Fantasy that it doesn't automatically refers to sexuality. It can be common life interests that people endure everyday. It's not always linked to sex play. I'm a woman myself so I definitely will know the solution to this interest.

Top 10 female fantasies you should know:

1. The number one fantasy of all is love. Women love love, no matter what. It's what completes us. We want and need love to feel like a pure woman. We may come across meaningless relationships to get to the right one. No, we don't like that but what we're suppose to do? Stop dating? Uhh no. We don't have control over a man pretending to love until he is tired. If you can give and offer pure love without getting tired then get it done!

2. Social life. No matter what, a social life makes any human feel good. It's depressing without people to talk to. Women like to meet new people. Women are different so they do things differently from other women so don't expect one woman to do something another has done.

3. Good sex life. Single or taken, women get horny all the time like men do and we need some sex now and then. If a woman is single for a long time, she may settle for a friends with benefits type of relationship just to be able to get dug in when she need it. Hopefully she will know what she is getting herself into far as keeping her feelings at bay and not getting her emotions involved. Many women try this and fail because that's not the type of person they are from the heart.

4. Women love to be spoiled whether they do it themselves or their man do it but it has to be done. Shopping and pampering will make all the problems go away for a minute.

5. Financial security is a must for a women. Every person wants to become rich. Women may be feminine but their ambition is real and some women have more ambition than men so don't underestimate our capabilities. We are capable of anything we want.

6. Every now and then a woman likes to do something out of the ordinary. We like to have a little fun out of our everday routine. If you're a guy and have a girl, do something that haven't been done yet. I know I will appreciate a difference or something out of the ordinary every so often.

7. Every woman need space. For many different reasons a woman will eventually want to have time to herself and it's a must she get that.

8. Travel! Women love a different setting, ideally somewhere beautiful with good looks, food, people and places to just hang out. I personally prefer somewhere warm and nice. Miami is still the best place to go for a quick getaway but I would also love to go to Atlanta or Los Angeles.

9. Faithful relationships and that goes for family, friends and their personal life. Nothing irritates a woman more than fakeness. Men do things different. I mean I wouldn't know. We want everyone to have loyalty to us and be there when we need you.

10. Independence is many women fantasy because not all possess it but they want. Some women are naturally depend while some are only dependent until they have what they need. If you have a dependent woman, teach her independence and its benefits.

Hope you enjoyed my post on top 10 female fantasies as much as I hope you did.

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