Wednesday, March 5, 2014

twerk team - what happened to them?

twerk team
Top members of twerk team. Mizz Twerksum and Lady T
The twerk team are known for their infamous skills of clapping their butt. They started out just making videos then it got serious when people started requesting them so it turned into a profession. These girls have mad skills and are in shape to put a twist into their routines. They have lots of videos on Youtube in which you can check out if interested. I believe if you ask to join then you can become a new member of the twerk team.

These two solo dancing divas are in their mid 20s and they keep hope alive for people who love to party and "turn up". I believe that when they dance, it rub off on girls nearby who soon want to join. It has happened many times after their performances. I'm sure if you have good skills and they see that they will put you on their team and I'm sure they'll want it drama free.

I remember first seeing the dance in a nearby club but there was no name for it at the time and since then it just blew up into the most popular thing ever. I didn't see it coming honestly. It's good to know though that this particular dance move can form as a cardio exercise. Lol believe it or not. It's the truth. That's pretty much it for today on this topic. Hope you enjoyed my post about the twerk team.

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