Friday, February 28, 2014

Having post partum anxiety? This will help

How To Know If You're Having Post Partum Anxiety

post partum anxiety

Many women experience post partum anxiety after giving birth for many reasons. Women who are sensitive are highly at risk for this after affect of birth. Hormones will be out of wack for the first three months after you're fresh from the delivery room and some women experience it longer. It all depends on your overall life at the end of the day.

After giving birth, it had hit me hard that my fun times would be on hold for a good little while. I was happy to have her out of my stomach, now it was mommy time. It just felt so funny, I thought I couldn't have kids and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. It's true, I tried to start early when I wasn't nowhere near ready so I thank god he held it off.

I was overwhelmed with the responsibilities I now had as a new mom and I immediately dreaded having to stay home all the time. Not that I didn't want my baby but my whole pregnancy plus after I gave birth I would not be having any fun no time soon. I knew I was getting post partum anxiety because I would get this rush in my body whenever I thought about how fun it would be to enjoy the weather and then my birthday came and I couldn't even enjoy it like I would have if I didn't have a child. I  enjoy her but I do miss the outdoors. I felt like I needed a little bit of freedom and fast.

Having a child is bitter sweet because you would see the beautiful creation you made and you will love her/him unconditionally but the emotions from the hormones and the new mommy symptoms will weigh you down. Not all people will be at home all day after giving birth but that is what I typical person would do and I was the typical. You will want to go out but it just won't be as easy as it was when it was just about you. Now you have to grind even harder since you have a baby.

Take a walk everyday after giving birth to avoid depression or any other common symptoms after giving birth.

Stay active as much as you can.

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